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2018 Plano Wildcat Soccer Page

New 2018 Senior Wildcat Banner And Alumni Videos Are Available to View!

I am in hopes that everyone enjoys the videos, as I add new ones for 2018!  Now that the 2018 season has started and I have a chance to review all the photos that have been taken, I may be adding more videos soon. Be sure to check back often.



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Wildcat Soccer Photographic History

Looking back, it is amazing to me how sports photography has evolved. I first started shooting Wildcat Soccer in 1995 with a 35mm Canon A2E and a borrowed 300mm 2.8 lens. Film was a real problem back then and any film that was fast enough to shoot at night in most stadiums was much too grainy for my taste. One of the Dallas Morning News photographers that I met one night recommended Fuji Press film and informed me that it could be push processed successfully to 1600 ISO with little effect on film grain. 1600 ISO with tight film grain? That was magic back then! I quickly found out that no local lab wanted to push process any film without charging outrageous fees, so I began to process the film myself and did this by using Bessler C-41 chemistry in five liter quantities and developing five 35mm film rolls at a time. Later on, I began to scan my film negatives to jpeg files and uploading the files to my first web pages. I transitioned to all digital photography in 2005 and as they say, the rest is history! The 2017 season will mark my twenty second year photographing Wildcat soccer.

Photos From This Years' Maroon & White And Alumni Games Wildcat Are Up!

The 2018 has officially begun with Wildcat Men's Soccer participating in the annual Maroon and White and the Wildcat Alumni games!  Photos from these games may be accessed from the "Action" link below.

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New Plano Wildcat Soccer Website!

Plano Wildcat Men's Soccer has a brand new website that features information on upcoming events, information on upcoming events and driving directions to away game stadiums and will feature downloadable forms needed for the Wildcat student athletes. Click on the icon below to visit!!


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